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Save money, time and effort.
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Motor Vehicle Certification Program
Your Advantage

Buying a car does not have to be tough, stressful or painful. Your purchase is made easy when using our free service.

Save Money, time and effort
Pre-negotiated prices will save you money, time and effort. No haggling with the dealer, no "I have to check with the manager" games. You can have the deal in-hand before you get there.

Get the Inside Scoop on your Deal
Not only has MVCP pre-negotiated prices for your vehicle, but you can have the inside scoop before you ever get to the showroom floor: you can know the pre-negotiated price, you can know what the dealer paid for the vehicle, you can know what rebates or other incentives you're entitled to and you can know the dealer's profit. You can see exactly how great your MVCP deal is.

Superior Service, Quality Control
You are not alone. Our consumer advisors will listen to your needs and step you through the vehicle purchasing process. We explain what to expect, provide you with the latest pricing and rebate information and direct you to the dealers where the price has been pre-negotiated. Once you've purchased your vehicle, our advisors will audit the transaction and certify that you've received the price you're entitled.
  Complete follow-up assistance and our availability for additional questions is all a part of this free service.


Helpful Terms

You may find the terms and commentary below helpful in understanding your MVCP deal.

MVCP Consumer Advisors:
The MVCP consumer advisors are automotive experts with previous dealership experience in either management or sales. Their experience is now on your side, working for you as they guide you through the entire vehicle buying process.

Pre-negotiated Prices:
A dollar amount agreed upon by MVCP and its authorized dealers for the vehicle. MVCP has used the purchasing power of thousands of consumers to your benefit and negotiated the price of the vehicle to a great low price. You benefit from all those who used MVCP before you, as your participation will aid those who follow you.

Dealer Profit:
While car dealerships need profit to stay in business, it should be small and reasonable. The dealer profit of your pre-negotiated deal is fair and is disclosed to you as a part of the process.

Dealer Invoice:
What the dealer pays the manufacturer for the vehicle; sometimes called manufacturer's invoice.

Rebates and Incentives:
Manufacturers may have cash-back incentives or special vehicle packages that give you a great deal. Our consumer advisors have up-to-date information about applicable values and ensure that they are made available to you.

The wholesale value of your vehicle to be estimated by your MVCP consumer advisor.

MVCP Dealers:
Dealers all over the Mid-Atlantic have been authorized to participate in this program. Your consumer advisors will direct you to the authorized dealer when you call MVCP.

New and used cars and trucks available through the Motor Vehicle Certification Program.

Your transaction is double-checked by your consumer advisor to guarantee that the pricing guidelines are upheld.

Certify and quality control:
If the world was perfect, no quality control would be necessary. Should the transaction audit reveal any discrepancies, your MVCP advisor will resolve any pricing errors directly with the participating dealer. You get to sit back and relax


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